Photo:Annie Huntington

Photo:Annie Huntington


About Mas Leo

The guitar teacher told Mas Leo's mother "come back in a year or two because his hands are too small."  But Mas convinced his mom to let him keep going to the weekly group lesson with guitars and accordions in the same room. Mas recalls "it was crazy because it was summer and the guitars were learning jingle bells while the accordions were learning "Snow Bird"- all at the same time.    Then I remember  something about flame shooting sideways out of a newly installed flourescent light right over our heads. The teacher called for her husband and we watched him calmly stand in the middle of us all and turn the lights out as the flames died out. Everybody was on the verge of total freak out, but witihout saying a word, this man made it all seem normal.  The teacher went back to teaching while her husband got the ladder out, opened the back window for more air, and started to take the light apart.  I suppose that was the real lesson for the day ...." 

  Mas Leo has collaborated or performed with Anne Watts and Boister, Howard Markman, served as a church musician, played in a slew of bands and local musicals and projects of all types. I asked Mas for a little name dropping for this bio page and he replied:

 "I could spin all those musical experiences to sound very successful and important to try to impress people as is the norm, but I'ld rather just tell you what really happened. My brushes with fame are few but funny so I'll if you are still reading, and are interested, I'll link them to the last word in this sentence. 






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Why does the sandwich always taste better when somebody else makes it? I think when I'm spreading the mayo, my taste buds say, "ooo I like mayo" and then I put on too much.  Learning to work that out in the music too.  - Mas Leo